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Join Us

Are you ready to join the CPCR family?

Here are 3 options:

Pray for the Camp

Gathering in His name and praying for our Camp is of the highest importance. Thank you!

Support us financially

Tax-deductible donations to the ministry can be made via secure online, PayPal or Bank Check / Transfer (please contact us).

Participate in a mission trip

May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully consider to come on a mission trip as an individual, family, or team. Please contact us for more information.


Jump Into Planning Your Trip

Check out the Mission Trip Calendar for open dates. Then contact us and let us know when you wish to come to the Camp, how many will be coming, and in what mission work you wish to participate. Keep in mind that there may be space available at the mission house even if the date you wish to come has been reserved.

A time will need to be set up to review the needed deposit money to secure your stay at the mission house. Required forms and any questions will also be discussed.

Lodging & Cost

CPCR gathering

Cost for your stay at Camp Penuel Costa Rica is $250/person/week which covers room, board and transportation to and from airport and church. A donation to Camp Penuel of $100 or more/person/week is suggested and will help with bringing more children to the camp and with camp maintenance.

If a group wants to come and there is no other group coming according to the CPCR calendar, they need to send in $500 at least 4 months in advance for a group of 3 or more. For one or 2 coming to stay in the mission house, we ask for a $100 deposit. If someone wants to come with less than 4 months notice, please contact us via the website contact page to see if there is room available.

The Mission House, where you will be staying, is about ½ mile from the Camp, either walking or via van.

This mission house is very comfortable and Westernized, with women's and men's dorm rooms AND ...there is a pool in the backyard.

Please contact us with any questions.

Although there is WI-FI at the Mission House, we encourage you to use it sparingly and just enjoy the time away from social media, knowing your time with campers, staff, fellow team members and alone time with God is priceless.

Mission Team Member Comment

Mission Team Member Comment

A young girl, Kytzya, made me understand why what we were doing at camp was worthwhile. The night we were saying our goodbyes, she told me that her time at the camp had been so much fun and that the Camp served the best food! She also said this was a time she will never forget and that she will never forget me… Needless to say, I am hoping to go back annually after this experience!


Vacation time

Consider some day trips to nearby beaches, ziplining locations, rain forests or coffee plantation tours. You also might consider adding several days to your time in Costa Rica for overnight vacationing. Mark and Lois, the CPCR representatives, have more information on vacation options.

You will love Costa Rica and see why it is ranked among the most-loved tourist destinations in the world, a paradise.

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