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Jesus said: "All people will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. (John 13:35)".

This message is contained in our Spanish theme which is the title of a simple song that states: "Somos una familia en Dios y nos amamos". This means "We are one family in God, and we love one another.'

How can you support Camp Penuel?

Pray for the Camp

Praying for our Camp is of the highest importance. Thank you!

Pray for Camp Penuel

Participate in our Camps

Sign up for a short-term mission trip to Costa Rica.

Teach English as a second language; be a part of children's camp by facilitating games, crafts, and dramas while showing the children the love of Jesus; prepare materials for our Ukulele Project; help at a Special Needs Camp; or take part in a Community Service Work Project Event, taking Camp Penuel on Wheels into the streets.


Giving is sharing your time, talent and resources to help. Donate to the ministry. Tax-deductible donations can be made via:

Mission Team Member Comment

Camp Penuel

As we saw our team bonding with the staff and children, we recognized the beauty of God breaking our hearts for what breaks his.

Lisa and Gary

Financial Accountability

Camp Penuel Costa Rica (CPCR) is a self-supporting ministry operated as a mission of Camp Penuel, Ironton, MO USA. CPCR is governed by a director and a local volunteer steering committee. For accounting purposes, the camp contracts professional bookkeeping services in Costa Rica that use international accounting standards. In addition, CPCR participates in the annual internal audit conducted by the parent organization in the USA, and the Costa Rican government reserves the right to perform an external audit, if they choose.

Camp Penuel is a 501c3 charity. Federal ID: 23-7318998