About Camp Penuel Costa Rica

Camp Penuel

Camp Penuel Costa Rica is part of Camp Penuel USA, founded by Pastor Harry Douma.

Camp Penuel USA, located in Ironton, MO, was chartered in 1973 with the vision to provide a free Christian camping experience for at-risk children.

In the context of outdoor recreation and loving relationships, the volunteer staff model the love of Christ to each camper in order for every child to come away with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Camp Penuel is a 501c3 charity. Federal ID: 23-7318998

In addition to Camp Penuel in MO and Costa Rica, there is a Camp Penuel East in northern PA, and there are discussions about more Camp Penuels, even one in the Congo!!

Camp Penuel Costa Rica Leaders

CPCR Camp Directors

Camp Penuel Costa Rica Directors

Paul and Thelma Bernhagen were appointed Directors of this mission in 2000 by Camp Penuel, Inc. Paul receives advice and support for Camp Penuel from their local congregation, Manantial de Vida, pastored by the Rev. Jorge Luis Soto.

CPCR Steering Committee

Camp Penuel Costa Rica Directors

Costa Rican Steering Committee with Miguel, Camp Penuel Farm Administrator, his wife Damaris the head cook and Luz Sanchez (in the red dress), CPCR accountant. The camp committee meets several times each year to take important decisions with regard to the policies, programming of events, and the use of funds of the camp.

Int'l Representatives and Mission Trip Coordinators

International Representatives and Mission Trip Coordinators

CPCR International Representatives and Mission Trip Coordinators, Mark and Lois Finney

Honorary USA Representatives

Honorary USA Representatives

Honorary USA Representatives, John and Letty Bernhagen

USA Advisory Board

USA Advisory Board

USA Advisory Board Representatives, Steve and Luann Pheneger

Mission Team Member Comment

Camp Penuel

The Holy Spirit helped us the entire week and we were never lost. We were always able to communicate, and we didn't need to understand every word to experience how God was moving.

Stuart and family

Message from the staff at Camp Penuel to Paul

Paul Bernhagen

You are a loving father to us all and we thank you for your help, for watching over us, and for loving us as your children. We love you, Paul.

Blue Banner Farm

Blue Banner Farm

The Blue Banner is Flying High!

Costa Rica recognizes farms, schools and community organizations that are consciously working to conserve and preserve the environment. This is done through the Blue Banner program. Follow our timeline to see how our farm progress fits in with the goals of the Blue Banner Program:

  • 2009 – Traded beef cattle for 4 dairy cattle. Miguel, farm administrator, milked cows by hand and milk was brought to his house on a horse.
  • 2012 - Milk machine purchased and first solar panels installed, lighting girl's dorm.
  • 2013 – Electrical vehicle purchased for transporting milk to Miguel's house, saving over 70 gallons gas/year.
  • 2015 – Corral expansion and completely sanitary cheese production room added behind Miguel's house.
  • 2016 – Solar panel system installed at camp, generating 2,440 watts, enough to light the entire campus. (Prior to this only fossil fuels were consumed to produce energy.)
  • 2017 – Application submitted to be part of Blue Banner farm program. Immediately, work began on reducing our chemical fertilizers and herbicides and producing more compost.
  • 2018 – Received Blue Banner recognition, scoring over 90% in all 6 conservation areas. CPCR was certified to sell artisanal cheese.
  • 2019 – Blue Banner Flag raised and permanently installed in January. There was a wonderful discovery by the corral- water spring for farm animals. A 1400 square foot shed was built to house pigs, steers, and a manure processing plant, reducing waste in corral area. Also, the three R's of Conservation- Reduction, Reusing, and Recycling are now an integral part of CPCR and are being taught to campers.

We give glory to God for the Blue Banner Farm designation, and we will work hard to be front-runners in promoting reasonable usage of resources and protecting our Lord Jesus' beautiful creation.